Bank of Italy registers Europa Factor in the Register of supervised financial intermediaries

31 Jul 2017

Bank of Italy registers Europa Factor in the Register of supervised financial intermediaries

The Bank of Italy registers EUROPA FACTOR in the Register of supervised financial intermediaries according to art. 106 of the new TUB (Consolidated Banking Act), thus authorizing it to exercise the granting of loans to the public.

The registration, obtained on the basis of specific requirements, confirms the quality and results of the work carried out by the entire structure in recent years, elements that have allowed EUROPA FACTOR to support and profitably support numerous companies in credit management, as well as in the disposal of non-performing portfolios. “We are proud – said the founder and CEO Pierluca Bottone – of having achieved this coveted goal. It is an acknowledgment from which our company will undoubtedly draw further impetus for the development of its business that began in 2003, operating with seriousness and professionalism to guarantee its customers high standards of competence and quality. The provision with which the Bank of Italy authorizes us to carry out the activity of granting loans to the public, in accordance with the provisions of art. 106 of the Consolidated Banking Law – concludes the founder of EUROPA FACTOR – is, therefore, a significant recognition that attests to the intense work done in these years, also representing a strong incentive to continue operating following a virtuous path aimed at improving our levels of performance. “

The current NPL market context is particularly dynamic and full of opportunities for all operators, at various levels. In this sense, it will be a valid test to achieve the growth objectives that will inspire, with renewed ambition, the future initiatives of EUROPA FACTOR.

Author: Press release Europa Factor S.p.A.
Source: Europa Factor S.p.A.

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