M&A in the Credit Management Industry: acquire, be acquired or aggregate?

24 Jun 2022

M&A in the Credit Management Industry: acquire, be acquired or aggregate?

From 2014 to date, approximately 50 M&A transactions have been completed in the Italian credit management industry.

They mainly concerned acquisitions of debt collection servicers by foreign operators. If the prevailing purpose in most cases was to guarantee investors immediate operation on the market, today a new phase is opening up.

By now the consolidation and maturity reached in the sector and above all the expansion of the ecosystem generated around distressed credit, represent the driver that will guide a new season in the field of M&A.

The interest of the players from beyond the Alps is still strong and Italy always remains: “The Place To Be”, but this new evolutionary cycle necessarily requires new strategic aggregations, acquisitions and integrations of niche specialists, partnerships and JVs between servicers and credit management investors with players from other sectors, such as Real Estate and Tech.

The event aims to offer an overview of M&A activities in the credit management market, deepening their sectoral dynamics.

A unique opportunity, the first in the sector, to seize the great opportunities that the sale, acquisition and aggregation operations are able to offer indiscriminately to all players in the new evolutionary cycle of the Credit Industry.

As always, there will be the opportunity to participate in  networking moments  and organize  one-to-one meetings.



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