If you don’t pay Europa Factor you will go through the collection process, generating additional costs for legal actions. You are probably unable to pay the full amount by the time you are contacted, because you are experiencing financial difficulties. The advice is to contact Europa Factor by e-mail or by telephone through the contacts indicated in the letter you received. Together with you, the company will find the best solution to allow you to get back and get rid of your debt through access to solutions tailored for you.

You can make the payment to Europa Factor through the area dedicated to payments, reachable at this link. Europa Factor uses PayPal and the Postepay, Mastercard, Discover, Aura, American Express, Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron circuits for the management of electronic payments. Each payment method allows you to make online payments with or without registration depending on the conditions of your account (for example, PayPal allows you to make payments even if you are not a registered user). To pay Europa Factor you will need to fill in the fields regarding the tax code, the reference number of the administrative practice and the amount to be paid. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with the transaction code. We recommend that you send an accounting copy of the payment to the e-mail address pagamenti@europafactor.it.

You should always inquire about the qualifications of the collection company. As a financial intermediary, Europa Factor spa has all the authorizations and certifications, obtained following verification processes conducted by Independent Certification Bodies and in application of the reference standards UNI ISO 37001: 2016, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2017, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 50001: 2018, UNI EN ISO 14064-1: 2019. Europa Factor conducts its business responsibly by complying with the best practices and reference regulations of the sector.

In compliance with privacy and according to the ethical principles of the Ethical Collection, Europa Factor sends messages to invite recipients to contact the intermediary and amicably resolve their debt situation. You may have received a text message from Europa Factor for one of the following reasons: to invite you to contact the intermediary, in this case you will find the following text “Dear customer, please contact us at … for communications concerning you. Sincerely, Europa Factor Spa “; or, to receive the coordinates to make the payment, this case is realized only following the customer’s request.

There may be reasons why the payment requests sent by Europa Factor are null or void. For example, the company that communicated the delinquency of the consumer to Europa Factor has made an error that Europa Factor is not aware of, or you may have received a request for payment of a sum that you have already paid. To send a complaint to Europa Factor you must fill in this online form, specifying your name, the code of practice and the e-mail and telephone contacts, then provide all the useful information to justify the complaint. Europa Factor will take care of contacting you as soon as possible to solve the problems encountered. Remember that the Europa Factor claim is free and you will not have to pay any amount to be able to send it.

You may have received a letter from Europa Factor asking for money for a payment you have already made. In this case, contact Europa Factor immediately by e-mail or by telephone, providing the information needed to identify the letter received, so that the Europa Factor team can verify the progress of your case. Usually, it is recommended to send an accounting copy of the payment to request the closure of the position and the registration of the receipt. Please note that it may take some time before the payment is registered in the Europa Factor system, for this reason it is recommended to send the accounting copy.

Factoring companies are financial intermediaries whose object is the exercise of the activity of purchasing trade receivables from companies. The activity of these companies is based on a contract for the sale without recourse (a type of contract with credit risk borne by the transferee) or with recourse (a type of contract with risk borne by the transferor), of trade receivables, to a specialized company (factor), for the purposes of management, collection, and possibly financing of the transferor.

Europa Factor is pleased to evaluate debtor deferral requests that attest to financial difficulties. For the intermediary, it is essential that the repayment plan is effectively sustainable and enables the debtor to honor it until the debt is fully extinguished.

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