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Europa Factor Spa , financial intermediary and leading company for over 17 years in the management, recovery and purchase of commercial, banking and financial receivables. Headquartered in Rome, Europa Factor is present throughout the country with branches operating from Milan to Catania and branches soon to open, for a total of 13 call centers in Italy and 500 workstations. For those areas of Italy not covered by our offices, the company has a consolidated online structure that guarantees the possibility of teleworking.
After a course of training and placement in the company, the resources will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks independently:

  • Data and information analysis activities in order to evaluate the characteristics of the positions in charge.
  • Credit management and evaluation activities, analysis and study of customer positions.
  • Contact with the client and mediation.
  • Definition of the file and drafting of the related reports.

Mappa delle Filiali

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For us it is important that those who join Europa Factor know and experience firsthand the uniqueness of our way of working and our culture. This is why we offer specific training experiences for students, recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

Europa Factor gives you the opportunity to support the study with a consulting activity that you can carry out independently. This job will guarantee you the opportunity to broaden your credit knowledge and implement your communication skills, skills of fundamental importance.

We look forward to your courage, confidence and positive attitude. We are looking for globally minded people who want to get involved and become the leaders of the future.

Our program involves different company functions and allows you to integrate into the Europa Factor world, offering you the opportunity to grow in a global reality.

If you have recently finished your studies and are looking for work experience, Europa Factor offers you the opportunity to work with the best professionals on the market. We are proud of our Corporate Culture based on KPI analysis, customer experience oriented and promoting the best ideas that will guide the Europa Factor to celebrate the next 20 years.

Bring your professionalism to Europe Factor and start a new path with us. You will face exciting challenges and enrich your credit industry skills.

In Europa Factor we care about the personal and professional growth of our collaborators, which is why training is an integral part of our company philosophy.

Europa Factor applies a meritocracy system with relative evaluation and enhancement of the individual. Professional growth depends entirely on you. Our company will accompany you on your professional path, through both theoretical and practical training that allows all deserving resources to grow economically and professionally over time, reconciling satisfaction and personal quality of life.

Start your training path by sharing new experiences and discovering our values. Thanks to a wide variety of courses, those who contribute to the future of our company will be able to understand and adopt that way of thinking, being and working that makes Europa Factor unique.

If you are a new employee, Europa Factor’s managers will help you integrate even more into the Group through this intensive program focused on our value chain. We share the values ​​underlying the corporate culture and promote greater awareness of what characterizes Europa Factor: a unique way of thinking, a great passion and a strong sense of belonging. Furthermore, we present our vision and deepen our business processes in a context based on comparison, in which managers make their experiences available and stimulate personal growth.

You will be able to integrate gradually. With a variety of online courses, classroom training sessions and field experience, you will experience our corporate culture and values ​​firsthand, develop essential skills and gain a deep understanding of the company. Furthermore, the collaboration with colleagues from all over Italy will help you create a vast network of contacts. We provide the best means because it is important for us that in Europa Factor you grow both as an individual and as a professional.

Enhance your skills as a manager and face the challenges of the market together with the managers of Europa Factor. Our Europa Factor Lead program is dedicated to developing the managerial skills of our team to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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