Resolution of a dispute

Resolution of a dispute

Europa Factor S.p.A. adheres to the Banking and Financial Arbitrator established at the Bank of Italy, pursuant to the Provisions on the out-of-court dispute resolution systems for banking and financial transactions and services, dated 18 June 2009, and to the Financial Banking Conciliator, resolution of banking, financial and corporate disputes – ADR.

If the outcome of the complaint is not deemed satisfactory, before resorting to the judge, the customer can contact:

Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF)

To find out how to contact the Arbitrator, it is possible to ask for information from the Europa Factor S.p.A. staff at the Bank of Italy branches, or:

contact the ABF Technical Secretariat directly:

Arbitro Bancario Finanziario
Segreteria tecnica del Collegio di Roma dell’ABF
Via Venti Settembre, 97/e
00187 Roma
Fax: 06479294208
E-mail: (only for clarification request)

      or  consult the website:

      download the Practical Guide and the Application Form:

Referee Banking Financial Practice Guide

Application form and Instructions for completion


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