Low & NPL consulting

Europa Factor offers its expertise for the evaluation of portfolios also to third-party investors who are interested in investing in Italy and seeking a co-investment together with their servicer, with a view to sharing risk and management objectives. The competence necessary to evaluate a credit is strongly related to technical and legal aspects and to aspects of a practical nature deriving from having previously operated in the management and recovery of NPL.

We provide consulting services to credit institutions and institutional investors, both national and international:

  • analysis and evaluation activities through careful due diligence aimed at determining the correct economic value of the Npls being valued, the forecast of the expected economic value and the timing necessary for recovery
  • acquisition, management and disposal of NPL portfolios
  • establishment of SPV (Law 130/99) and related Business Plans
  • extrajudicial, judicial and repossessing management with subsequent sale of assets on the market

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